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The Flippin Cow was built in 2000 as a 50 seat beach bar under the name Robie’s. In 2001 it was sold and was named The Sandbar. In 2002 Cam Snyder was sitting at the bar listening to the owner talk about how bad of a night he was having when he threw down his business card and said if you ever want to sell this place call me!

As Cam tells the story he hadn’t even left the parking lot that evening and his bag phone was ringing! Thirty days later he owned a bar.


Owners Cam & Sue Snyder are lifelong Elkhart residents living on Simonton Lake. Cam grew up a mile from the lake and had fond childhood memories of the “Lake Life” as a kid and wanted to share that small home town feeling with our guests. They had no previous restaurant business experience and adapted the learn as you go mentality to grow the business.

From 2002-2012 it was named the Lakeshore Grill offering a very large menu with music four nights a week. It was the place to go and the place to be for fun food and fun times for many years.

Over the years the patios and outside decks were built to seat 160 people.

In 2012 Cam had an idea to create a new burger bar concept and while brainstorming with his son Ryan the idea of Flippin Cow was created! Since Cam’s wife wouldn’t allow him to open a third restaurant he decided to close the Lakeshore Grill down on November 25th, 2012 and change the name, change the concept, completely remodel, build a new craft burger menu and in 23 days the Flippin Cow was created and opened.


We wanted a cozy place on the waters edge with a smaller menu that focused on extraordinary service, crafted burgers, beers and milkshakes where the locals could call home and first-time visitors would feel at home!

All of our food is made to order from scratch in the same cozy kitchen that was built nearly 20 years ago. Sit back, sip on your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy the view and know that our crew in the kitchen is crafting your burgers as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy our lake as much as we do.

Cam & Sue Snyder

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